Manage Kindle Content Spread the Importance of Newborn Screening Awareness

Learn More about Newborn ScreeningThis life-saving test is performed between 24 and 48 hours after childbirth to check if the baby has any hidden medical conditions. The tests offered vary by state and the procedure usually includes a blood test and a hearing screening.It provides quick diagnosis for specific metabolic or genetic conditions, and critical congenital heart defects that often show no symptoms until days or even months after birth.Early detection can prevent serious complications, and can even save lives. All infants in the United States are required by law to undergo this screening prior to discharge from the hospital.How does this test work? A few drops of blood collected from the baby’s heel by a small heel prick together with small amount of urine sample are sent to the lab for analysis.What does this screening detect? With the advance in medical technology, doctors can identify close to 50 hidden medical conditions such as:

Metabolic disorders that affect processing certain proteins and fats

Sickle-cell anemia which is a serious blood disorder


September is National Newborn Screening Awareness Month supported by the American College of Medical Genetics with the aim to improve knowledge on the program.Spread Awareness about the Importance of Newborn ScreeningMany parents often hesitate to give their consent regarding the use and storage of the remaining bloodspots after the screen has been performed. Most states will allow parents to refuse newborn screening, although without it, they would not know whether their child has a health issue or not. September is the perfect time to spread more information about the benefits of this program among people, especially parents-to-be.There are numerous ways you can start getting your cause noticed. Non-profit organizations are committed to spreading the word about newborn screening tests. Go online and check them out to learn more about the incredible work they are doing. Extend your support by arranging donations to any of them.Use social media networks to get your message out there. Change your profile picture throughout September with a specific message about your cause.In coordination with your local hospital management, prepare a slideshow about newborn screening. Once the right people hear about it, the chances of carrying out the tests effectively by healthcare workers increase considerably.Discuss with your family members, friends, colleagues – anyone! Share real-life stories you have heard – you know that at the end of the day, this can save someone’s life.Organize an awareness campaign in your community to educate people on why the program is so important. Include information and statistics about the risks, benefits and about how a simple test can find something you cannot see.

Make it big inviting pediatric healthcare workers, policymakers, and the local high life. Don’t forget the #hashtags to keep up who is sharing your event. You can also consider livestreaming or blogging to promote your campaign even further.Distributing giveaway gifts is another great way to reach your target audience and raise awareness. Hand out customized silicone wristbands with an awareness message – it’s one of the best ways to make your event a total success. People love stylish fashion accessories available online in different colors, types, and sizes.Don’t forget that the whole community behind supporting your baby’s first test is one of great inspiration and innovation. Spread the word!

Stretching Exercises Netball Girls Teams Need To Do

Netball is becoming a very popular sports for both men and women in different countries. In addition, kids can also have fun playing such sport. Because of this, individuals may find netball courts on their community. Some sports centre even invest to create indoor as well as outdoor courts. And, individuals may also find different playing surfaces. But, in order to enjoy an exciting game with your friends or loved ones, it is important that you do not forget to stretch before every game.

Stretching can sometimes be boring. However, stretching before the game can provide you with numerous benefits. For one, this will help you warm your muscles, which can improve your body movements. Next, stretching exercises can also help you be focused for the game since you can concentrate while stretching. And, stretching can also help you reduce injuries. Some of the injuries that individuals may encounter are damaged knee ligaments and jammed fingers. Not to mention, due to high speed game plays, some individuals may also experience sprained ankles. So, if you are playing with netball girls teams, you need to try out this stretching exercises below.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching is one of the most popular exercises netball players need to do. Dynamic stretches activate the stretch reflex and acclimate the body to coordinating neuromuscular movements. Other than that, this type of stretching can also lower the risk of injury and improve a player’s performance. Some of the most common dynamic stretching individuals can do are lunges, heel-toe walks, squats, kicks, trunk rotations and leg and arm swings.

Lower-Body Static Stretching

The next popular stretching individuals can do before netball games is lower-body static. Static stretching reduces muscle soreness after a workout or a game. Plus, it also extends a muscle’s flexibility beyond its familiar range of motion. This is possible since lower-body static stretching target muscle groups that have taken the most stress or load during a game.

Upper-Body Static Stretching

Finally, individuals can also opt for upper-body static stretching. This type of stretching also helps individuals to reduce soreness on their lower body such as the upper back, shoulders, chest and arms. This type of stretching is also ideal after a light cardiovascular activity. With this type of stretching, individuals can improve their performance during the game which will help them win.